About Living the Wait

Life in our twenties can feel like we’re always waiting for something. Waiting for the weekend, waiting to finish a degree, waiting to get a call back about that dream job, waiting for a promotion, waiting for a soulmate to sweep us off our feet, waiting to buy a house, waiting to start a family, waiting for the next dream job because the job we thought was a dream turned out feeling more like a nightmare. Waiting to feel like we’re getting the hang of adulting. And ultimately, if you’re a believer like me, waiting for heaven–where all of God’s promises will come to fruition and the unease of the in-between will be forgotten.

Our whole lives are one wait after another. But when you’re young, single, living on your own, working a stressful job (or two or three), muddling through college or grad school, trying to stay in shape, paying off student loans or saving for a house or car, and trying to stay in touch with friends who are just as busy as you are, the restlessness of waiting can be felt all the more sharply.

We all know the feeling. But while we’re waiting (and working), we can’t afford to overlook the goodness of right now. And as we strive to make the most of now while looking toward what’s next, we might as well eat good food, right?

Living the Wait is about encouragement and community for those of you who are in the same boat as me. I’ll share recipes that are specially tailored for the single working person–nutritious, relatively inexpensive recipes that can be thrown together with limited time and kitchen space. I don’t use a lot of fancy kitchen equipment for my recipes, and you’ll find that most of my recipes yield just enough for you to eat a serving now and make a meal or two of the leftovers. Because, let’s face it–nobody wants to be eating the same leftover soup for a week and a half.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find some inspiration as you browse. If you have a food that you’d like for me to cook for a future post, or a subject that you’d like for me to write about, let me know in the comment section.

Happy waiting!

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